Project Design

We with our AR-GE team who has proven expert provide the projecting service by selecting the latest technological products of the latest technology in the desired capacities and designs in accordance with the project which and in line with the desire of our customers.

The design and details of the membrane construction are made in accordance with the wishes of the project owner in the direction of economic principles with stylish, aesthetic, functional, safe and cost effective.

Designed according to request and function, the design is visualized in digital environment as 3d model immediately. Static Analysis is performed on the selected balance form. At this stage, the geometric linearity is taken into consideration according to the existing specifications.

In the calculations; Computer programs that use the Force Density method and that can analyze according to the non-linearity are used.

The rules and constraints imposed by international standards and specifications in the construction of the analyzes, regional load combinations are always taken into consideration.

mention briefly;

- The preload loads of the membrane form are determined

- Static calculations are made based on snow, wind and earthquake loads

- Static loads to be applied to the existing carrier steel construction are determined.

- The design of the membrane 'patterns' is deduced according to the compensation calculations.

- Drawings of membrane and steel manufacturing projects and 'shop drawings' are realized.