Pvc and Ptfe Drillings

 Textile Membrane; (equilibrium form) according to the pre-tension force generated by the asymmetric tensile force, as opposed to reinforced concrete structures, is a building material that serves both as a carrier and as a cover. The pretension force to be applied is related to the form and design of the structure, which occurs after the calculations to be made statically.These materials from the shadows, stadiums, amphitheater, parking lots, market places, demonstration halls to various parks and recreation structures, entrance canopies, airports. Pvc The cover material used in the membrane structures is a special kind of fabric obtained by touching the fibers (polyester fabric) which is the main carrier of the membrane cover. The fibers may be coated with a variety of chemicals to protect the membrane against external influences and provide water / air tightness. Pvc (PolyVinyl Chloride) An additional coating can be applied on these coatings with little added base support to give both self-cleaning surface properties and to increase resistance to ultraviolet and other external influences. Pvdf, TiO2, Fluotop, TX are also available in these materials with mesh types showing non-fibrous plastic behavior.  Ptfe, (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) membranes are covered with glass fiber woven fibers with Teflon material. This kind of self-cleaning is more durable than Pvc membranes and at least class B1 fire resistance is standard. Ptfe Mesh materials are formed by intermittent touching of glass fiber yarns.