TEMA Istanbul

TEMA ISTANBUL, which is one of the awarded projects in the last period of Istanbul, preferred ARMILLA design and application quality.

Zeytinburnu Stadium

Zeytinburnu Merkezdendi also has a stadium roof.

Kaya Palazzo

Stunning designs against the harsh winds of the Mediterranean ...

Konya Novotel

Accor Hotels, the famous hotel chain, opted for a wave form membrane system at the entrance of the new investment in Konya.

Turkmenabad Stadium

Turkmenebad Stadium which is one of our international stadium projects

Antalya Asat

In Antalya, in water treatment plants, discharge pools are covered.

Yozgat Sports Valley

Membrane systems established in the sports valley between two mountains in Yozgat.

Çuhadaroğlu Factory

We have spent 5 years over the application we made in 2006 and proved our quality against time; We had the opportunity to work again with Çuhadaroğlu Holding.

Eminönü - Karaköy Scaffolding

Renovations and additional modules on the historic peninsula Eminönü and Karaköy Streets opposite.

Izmit Yenişehir Market Place

Market place where different types of membrane forms come together.

Taksim biennial

Within the scope of the 2011 Istanbul Biennial; Taksim İstiklal Caddesi Yapi Kredi is a 3-dimensional facade structure and coating of light, sound installation on the front of the building.


Green REIT's commercial areas located in the Innovia project; flameless, shaded with non-polluting material.

Perre Ancient City

The ancient city of Adiyaman in the city of Perre in the application of roof to protect the mosaic flooring of rare.


Technological building material which is worthy of the information production base located in Technopolis.

Medina Airport

Mesh fabric suspended ceiling application in Medina Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport.

Mall of Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul AVM temporary interior application.

Hayattepe/OZAK GYO

Two hyperbolic forms in the Bayrampaşa Hayat Tepe project of Özak REIT.

Demir Romance

Hyperbolic form suspended-membrane system works in Demir Romance project.

Cuhudaroglu Front Door

Cuhadaroglu, one of Turkey's largest aluminum producers and practitioners, is among the customers who trust Armilla quality ...

Factory Foundry Gates

The high-temperature gold-working factory has a half-conical piece suspended-stretched membrane system next to its casting mother.

Baku Tire Restaurant

Covering the open terrace of Azerbaijan with the suspension-membrane system


In Antalya Manavgat district, integrated 4 'conical membrane system application.


It is a restaurant on Taşdelen location on Şile highway ..

Crystal Park

Developed by Vector Garimenkul, we apply our membrane in the project.

Acarkent Villa

This small and cozy pergola set in Acarkent Villa garden gives the garden an aesthetic appearance.

Eskişehir Cafe

Our membrane system in Alaattin Park from the historical places of Eskişehir

Carrefour Cafe

Besiktas Carrefour located in cafeye work

Ford Warehouse

Wide openings for Ford parts store, large storage areas, easy maneuverability, economic steel sections ...

Amfi Shade

The International Culture and Art Festival held every year in Büyükçekmece is over the top of the stage

Acarloft AVM

At the entrance to Acarloft AVM, an elegant membrane design that increases the input perception between 2 blocks. Fast, easy and economical ...

Domestic Canopy

Conical form membrane roof ..

Yeditepe Fine Arts

The two-piece hyperbolic form membrane cover is positioned around the center plant pool; intersect each other projectively.

Yeditepe Rectorate

2 pieces of hyperbolic form membrane cover ... The structure has been replaced 2 times, now it has been installed instead of the existing one.

Kazan Park Area

Hyperbolic systems in park recreation area in Kazan.

Işık University Cafe

Şile, Işık University is a cafe with nature inside.

Ihlamur Park

In Samsun, the area within the reorganization project of Eski Balık Pazarı mevkiin is covered with hyperbolic form membranes.