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Commercial Industrial Buildings

Eminönü - Karaköy Scaffolding

Renovations and additional modules on the historic peninsula Eminönü and Karaköy Streets opposite.


Technological building material which is worthy of the information production base located in Technopolis.

Antalya Asat

In Antalya, in water treatment plants, discharge pools are covered.

Ford Warehouse

Wide openings for Ford parts store, large storage areas, easy maneuverability, economic steel sections ...

Çuhadaroğlu Factory

We have spent 5 years over the application we made in 2006 and proved our quality against time; We had the opportunity to work again with Çuhadaroğlu Holding.

Hayattepe/OZAK GYO

Two hyperbolic forms in the Bayrampaşa Hayat Tepe project of Özak REIT.


Green REIT's commercial areas located in the Innovia project; flameless, shaded with non-polluting material.